Let our design staff, with over 25 years of experience put ideas to work for you.

Looking for Premium Landscape Design Near You? Look No Further than Waterscapes of New England, LLC. We offer Digital Landscape Design Work for our Wolfeboro NH Clients.

The Best Landscape Design Near You in Wolfeboro NH

Waterscapes of New England, LLC is proud to offer Digital Landscape Design work in Wolfeboro NH.

Our designer can create both hand drawn as well as digital designs of your property so you have a clear idea of how a project will turn out.

Many of our customers are happy to pay for this service and they are able to plug and play with different hardscaping and landscaping options before they actually commit to a design.

Be sure to ask us about this service and pricing when you are thinking about a larger project. It is well worth the investment to be able to get a visual of what the finished project will look like.

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Our Landscape Design Services Wolfeboro NH

Patios & Walkways Wolfeboro NH

We craft enchanting landscapes that embrace the beauty of nature, featuring elegant walkways and seamlessly integrated patios. Our expertise as ICPI Certified Installers enables us to carefully choose the perfect materials to achieve the desired aesthetic for our brick and stone patio and walkway designs in Wolfeboro, NH.

Water Features Wolfeboro NH

Our team of water experts excels in designing and constructing bespoke water features, serving both residential and commercial properties in Wolfeboro, NH. Our skilled water specialists at Waterscapes of New England can craft a personalized plan tailored to your ideas and preferences. This may include features such as fountains, stone borders, cascading waterfalls, water plant gardens, ponds, and garden pools. Your waterscape will become a bustling gathering spot where family and friends can unwind and relish the beauty of the outdoors.

Retaining Walls & Stonework Wolfeboro NH

Structural retaining walls should always be a deliberate and integral component of your landscaping plan. A well-crafted retaining wall design seamlessly integrates all essential elements, ensuring that your landscape not only exhibits beauty but also functions optimally. It has the power to transform previously unusable land into a valuable and purposeful part of your overall landscape design.Our stonework extends beyond just retaining walls,we also create stepping stones for pathways, accent pieces for water gardens and rock gardens, patio floors & walls and more!

Pool Hardscapes Wolfeboro NH

Our team excels as experts in crafting pool hardscapes in Wolfeboro, NH. We provide a comprehensive range of services, encompassing pool pavers, patios, decking, waterfalls, and various other water features. With Waterscapes of New England, you can have peace of mind, knowing that we are here to turn your backyard oasis dreams into a stunning reality.

Landscape Lighting Wolfeboro NH

Our team possesses the expertise to create and implement a tailored landscape lighting in Wolfeboro NH, that enhances your unique project requirements. Landscape lighting offers a multitude of advantages, including elevating the value of your home, transforming it into a neighborhood standout. Additionally, path, walkway, and driveway lighting not only illuminate your property but also enhance safety and instill a sense of security. Moreover, with deck and patio lighting, you can extend nighttime entertainment hours, providing a welcoming space for gatherings with family and friends.