Let our design staff, with over 25 years of experience put ideas to work for you.

Now you can enjoy your landscape project day or night with the installation of outdoor lighting.

Landscape Lighting

Our staff can design and install a customized lighting plan that will enhance your specific project needs. Landscape lighting offers many benefits:

  • Landscape and garden lighting can be used to increase the value of your home while simultaneously making it the showcase of the neighborhood.
  • Path lighting, as well as walkways and driveway lighting can illuminate your property while improving safety and ensuring a sense of security.
  • Deck lighting as well as patio lighting, allows hours of night time entertainment, for entertaining family and friends

Landscape Lightings Let our design staff, with 25 years of experience put ideas to work for you. From the smallest planting to the most comprehensive designs, our qualified and professional staff will create and install the right dreamscape for your home or property. Our design plans include specifics:

  • We list the types of plants, trees, and flowers we recommend and their localities within the design.
  • We list the sizes and shapes of the beds we recommend and their localities
  • We can provide computer design images to better illustrate our vision to the customer.
  • We follow a pre-determined plan throughout each phase of the project.
  • We prioritize the tasks of a project.

The Goal: to anticipate and be prepared for problems before they occur.