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Water Features Add Beauty and Serenity to Your Meredith NH Home

Picture relaxing in a lawn chair to the soothing sound of a nearby waterfall, only to open your eyes and realize you are sitting in your own Meredith NH backyard. Just one of the many beautiful water features you can add to your outside living space with the help of the professionals at Waterscapes of New England. We can make this scenario a reality. The calming effect of waterscapes is well known. During times when the stress level is high, hearing the soothing sound of a fountain or steady waterfall can help you relax and forget your worries for a while.

Water features can also increase the value of your home. For business owners, water features produce a similar effect. Create a unique first impression and a welcoming environment for clients with a majestic fountain or quaint garden pond at the entrance to your business. The water specialists at Waterscapes of New England can design a unique plan based on your ideas and preferences. Your waterscape will be a busy place where family and friends meet to relax and appreciate the outdoors.

It can also be your escape, where you can experience peace and solitude. At Waterscapes of New England, we work to enhance the appearance and style that your property reflects and build a waterscape system with you in mind.


A fountain from Waterscapes of New England can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal. Not only does it have a calming effect, but a fountain also makes a statement that you care about the atmosphere around your home. A fountain gives your home a gentle aura of peace and serenity.

You can choose the style of fountain that best compliments your home and the lighting to effectively showcase it. Waterscapes of New England will expertly install the fountain with all necessary plumbing and lighting. Arriving home and seeing a fountain in your front yard is a comforting sight after a long day at work. You deserve the finer things in life. An exquisite fountain from Waterscapes of New England will add style and elegance to your already incredible home.

Stone edges and waterfalls

Some people just enjoy the sight and sound of a majestic waterfall. It reminds us of the force of nature and the gifts it provides. Watching and listening to a waterfall can help you truly relax and forget all the anxiety of the day. Waterscapes of New England will design and build a waterfall according to your vision and specifications. We will work together to create a waterfall that will be a part of your family for generations.

After building a solid foundation, we’ll pour a concrete slab the width and length of your waterfall making sure the surface is always level. That will also ensure that the waterfall will settle evenly. After the concrete is dry, a stone edge can be built at right angles or curve around it. As water falls into the waiting pond below, you can relax and look forward to years of peaceful tranquility, compliments of your friends at Waterscapes of New England.

Water plants and gardens

Aquatic or water plants can adorn your pond and give it a beautiful look along with a calming scent. Plants and flowers that live in the water are low maintenance and last for a long time. They provide food for ducks and other wildlife that will inhabit your pond.

Water gardens are water features that contain aquatic plant arrangements along with creative architectural designs. Waterscapes of New England will build a pond and include a variety of aquatic plants, so you can enjoy years of peace and quiet in the comfort of your own backyard. The perimeter of your water garden will be made up of an attractive rock and stone combination with shrubs and flowers behind it. Waterscapes of New England takes pride in being your first choice for top-quality home water features and will build your water garden with that in mind.

Garden pools, streams and large waterfalls with multiple ponds

A garden pool adds an extra layer of beauty to your landscape design. Selected lawn grass and perennials, along with special ground cover give the water’s edge a natural look. You’ll find plenty of activity around your new garden pool, with visiting birds and other wildlife frequently exploring the area. Besides supporting the environment, your backyard garden pool is a great place for a weekend picnic with the family or reading a book on a lazy afternoon. For large-scale homes and businesses like golf courses, a stream or large waterfall with multiple ponds would not only be practical but also create a beautiful atmosphere. The aesthetic pride you have for your business or home will be obvious with our beautiful waterscapes that provide years of comfort and peaceful relaxation.